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Some Good Reasons to Live Together
adapted from "10 good reasons why you should live in an intentional community ( and a few reasons why we don't)"

                                                         By Andrew Plant. Milltown Community. Scotland

1. Because it’s good for you

It seems that our sense of self-worth and well-being is inextricably linked to the feeling that we belong; that we are part of a group and part of something greater than ourselves. This sense of belonging allows us to feel acknowledged and recognized as who we truly are.... Read More

2. Because it makes you a better person

Certainly it can be said that the ideals and values of a community are premised on you becoming a better and more ‘authentic’ person – more in tune with yourself, with others and with the world......Read more

3. Because you can live a lifestyle that is in tune with your values

One of the most inspiring things about intentional communities is finding a way of life that makes it possible to live out your ideals and to put your beliefs and values into practice on a daily basis.... Read More

4. Because it’s a safe place to live, to grow, and to age-in-place

Living in an intentional community can be like living in a small village or like living in an extended family...Read More

5. Because it’s a better form of democracy

Intentional communities aspire to being egalitarian, inclusive and participatory. And more often than not, the aspirations become reality .... Read More

6. Because it’s a better form of economics

Just as democracy has been put to work, refined and made more immediate and effective in the micro-society of an intentional community, so too with economics.

Over time various economic models have been trialed in communities - from a fully shared and collective economy to private enterprise and combinations of each....... Read More

7. Because it’s good for the environment

As the effects of climate change become more obvious, we humans begin to develop a heightened respect for Nature and a deeper awareness of how the activities of human beings are destroying the balance of the biosphere.  For many reasons intentional communities, with their.... Read More

8. Because it’s the best way of making this world a better place

There have always been people who step out of mainstream society and declare that they have found a better way of living and that once others can see how successful they are then slowly the whole world will follow their example and we will all be saved.... Read More

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