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The #8 Reason to Live Together

Because it’s the best way of making this world a better place.

There have always been people who step out of mainstream society and declare that they have found a better way of living and that once others can see how successful they are then slowly the whole world 

will follow their example and we will all be saved.

A new age of peace, harmony and universal

sisterhood will be ushered in.

Numerous intentional communities have come

and gone over the years, each new one building

on what went before.  And there are a few

lesbian communities around the US that have been in continuous existence for several decades. But more communities are needed for lesbians and their female allies who dream of living in a supportive social setting, where women share similar values and worldviews and are to some extent free to make up their own rules that promote a healthy, accessible and full life.

Sisterhood by Emily A.M..png
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