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Reason #1 to live together:
Because it's good for you

The #1 Reason to Live Together

Because it's good for you

It seems that our sense of self-worth and well-being is inextricably linked to the feeling that we belong; that we are part of a group and part of something greater than ourselves. This sense of belonging allows us to feel acknowledged and recognized as who we truly are. This sense of belonging is very much part and parcel of being a member of an intentional community. In an intentional community we can also find meaning and purpose as part of a social setting that is positive and life-affirming.

We Belong Here_edited.png

Through sharing lives on a daily basis we can also enjoy mutually supportive relationships that can be more trusting than usual. Intentional communities are busy places and there is a great variety of things to get involved in – socializing, work projects, sharing skills, meetings, and of course also fun and celebrations. And because today’s intentional communities are generally more respectful of private space and time, it is perhaps easier to set personal boundaries and find a balance between the personal and the communal than it would have been previously.

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