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Founder Adlai Neubauer has always dreamed of living in a community of lesbians. She spent the first few years of retirement traveling through the US, visiting several lesbian communities in FL, AZ and AR. Finding these established communities either too costly or too remote, in 2017, Adlai started a Facebook group to gather Columbus lesbians and their female allies to discuss the possibilities of living as an intentional community in Ohio. We met several times in person to share our dreams of an intentional lesbian community.

Between 2017 & 2019, we considered numerous properties in central Ohio including large homes to share, vacant school buildings, apartment buildings, manufactured home parks and undeveloped land.  We met with City housing officials and others involved in affordable housing. 

The increasingly divisive political climate, unprecedented rising prices of real estate and the COVID pandemic, slowed our progress. After the presidential election of 2020, we resumed our efforts. Adlai participated in a 5-week webinar lead by Marianne Kilkenny ("Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years").  This webinar turned into Continuing the Quest, an ongoing support group of women seeking intentional community that met through the Spring of 2023. 

Our local Facebook group and Zoom meetings expanded to include women from throughout Ohio and many other states. At the end of 2020, we realized that as individuals, our ability to be approved for a mortgage was limited. 

In 2021, the Ohio Womyns Intentional Living Communities LLC was created. That Spring, Adlai, together with her wife Carol Neubauer, participated and completed a 12-week, in-person course with LEAP (LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program) and created a business plan for OWILC. 

During 2021, nine women became Members 

of the Ohio Womyns Intentional Living

Communities, by purchasing a Membership 

Interest.   In early 2022, we finalized our

operating agreement and established our

first Board of Directors.  But by the end of 

1444 Madison Ave Cols 4-plex.png
804 Burg St. Granville OH.png
Back of Shepard School_edited.jpg
730-748 N. Nelson  Apartments 43219.png
Members of LLC- Kelley, Carol, Pia, Gail and Christy.png

Our First Community's Development 
Join us. We are better, together. 

2022, no progress had been made with finding other investors to purchase a Community property.  Adlai and Carol decided to purchase a larger home to share with one or two women to create a micro-community. When Adlai's term as OWILC Board President came to an end, no other women were interested in stepping into the leadership role and the OWILC LLC was dissolved. 

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