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The #4 Reason to Live Together

Because it’s a safe place to live, to grow, and to age-in-place

Living in an intentional community can be like living in a small village or like living in an extended family.  The ethos of an intentional community is all about mutual care and support and looking out for each other.  In addition, intentional communities can be good places to grow old. Many of them include older members who have spent their lives in service to their community.

"... any woman who accepts aloneness as the natural by-product of success is accepting a punishment for a crime she didn't commit. And she is not acknowledging one of the most precious lessons of the women's movement, the lessons of community ... We may not able to tell women that there is safety in freedom. But we certainly can say, with absolute certainty, that for free women, the only safety is in numbers."

— Marlo Thomas

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