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Our Thoughts on Living in Community


What's Most Important to you?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

At the end of October, 2019, I wrote: I've come to realize that when it comes to where I want to live during the last portion of my life, what is important to me is:

#1) that I am part of a community that includes my friends,

#2) where I can be as lesbian & queer as I want to be, that

#3) that it is affordable in some way to all women.

#4) And that there is common space where we can share meals and other necessities (laundry, library, fitness equipment, garden, music, dance, tools etc).

The location, i.e. urban or rural, isn't crucial to me anymore, as long as my neighbors are people I love.


This is how women responded:

"I think with me it's affordability...and pet friendly...I cannot imagine a life without at least one dog...simplicity is also good...I don't need big or fancy...a good kitchen is important...rural is what I dream of...I would love a common garden...or community garden...a place to be myself among others doing the same...." - G.R.

"pets, affordable, kitchen good size and storage, not the middle of a city or sub-urban area, land for garden, land for reflecting and meditating and being free and able to be me!" - T.M.G.

" I especially want to know that it's a lesbian environment and not an environment where I'm living with men or straight people as I get older. That doesn't mean that we can't have visitors. I have brothers and heterosexual relatives, like most of us. Affordability & diversity are also very important to me." - G.C.

"I would want total diversity, all accepting environment, straight gay, trans, bi, lesbian, people of color etc. I know the focus is lgbt etc and I get that which is cool, as we need safe welcoming space. I just want to live in harmony with others who want to live in harmony too. Garden. Big kitchen. Art room." - M.L.

"Requirements for me : #1 womyn/lesbian land & space #2 rural or at least the sense of privacy and space #3 space to host eve

nts for the larger lesbian community #4 private living space #5 large kitchen Wants : garden, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, chickens & a goat." - C.F.

"For me, pet-friendly is a must. I'd rather not go rural or small town though. I like Columbus and suburbs as long as there's lots of green space such as the area I live in now. Affordable is a must, too. My rent is reasonable for what I have but I need somethin

g cheaper for the long term. Quiet is important too. Space to grow a small garden/community garden and a large fenced area for dogs." - S.J.T.

"Future plans of some sort of assisted living would be beneficial for those in need." - B.G.

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