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Our Thoughts on Living in Community


What Catches Your Eyes on our Vision Board?

On March 26, 2022, OWILC Members staffed a Resource Table at "Nurturing Ourselves, Healing Ourselves: a Health and Wellness Fair for Lesbian, Queer, and Same Gender-Loving Women" which was sponsored by Equitas Health Institute and the LBA (Lesbians Benefitting the Arts). We asked the women who visited our table to check out our vision board and then write down what resonated with them on a post-it note.

Here's what was written on all the post-it notes from our Resource Table visitors:

A Safe & Welcoming Community *Action * Affordability * Affordable * Affordable * Be Kind * Be Kind * Butterflies 8 Celebrate Yourself & the Women! * Cherish Friends * Cherish Friends! * Community * Community * Community * Community is Everything! * Community Building * Community House * Community House * Community with a sense of Shared Goals * Create a Village * Dedication * Diversity! * Education * Family * Friends * Friendship * Friendships * Friendship - Bonds are Magic * Gardening * Get Back to Giving Back *Helping Each Other * Home * Inspiration * Laughter * Live Longer * Love at Any Age * Magic * Magic * Many Hands & Hearts * Many Hands And Hearts * Meals Together Meet Friends * Never Forget We’re Not Forgotten * Safe * Safety * Safety * Safety * Someone Who Looks Hispanic * Space to build Community for Senior Women * Sisterhood * Supporting One Another * Tiny Houses * Tiny Houses * Trust * Welcome Home * Women / Femmes / Butches Thriving * Women in Action * Women Who Fought

The event had a great turn-out and it was wonderful to see so many friends there and to spread the word to more women about our progress towards building an intentional community for lesbians in Ohio.

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