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The Ohio Womyns Intentional Living Communities LLC (OWILC) is made up of lesbians and female allies of lesbians who are interested in creating intentional communities in Ohio. We started as a Facebook group in 2017 and have evolved into a dedicated group of women who organized the LLC in 2021. Our organization continues to grow as we reach out to more like-minded women who will invest in and support our Mission.

Our goal is to purchase or acquire property in Ohio within 1 hour of a metropolitan area with major medical and other needed services. But first we need more committed future residents and investors with the resources needed to secure and pay for a mortgage. The property will be large enough for single and multi-family dwellings to house 15 or more women and shared Community spaces for indoor and outdoor activities. 


We know that we can be our authentic selves when we are surrounded by  women whose life experiences are similar and who share our feminist and socially conscious values. Since our beginning, we have been determined to make an impact. As a community, we can prosper together.

Home: Who We Are

Who We Are

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Affordable Housing

At Ohio Womyns Intentional Living Community, we are dedicated to addressing this issue. Through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. 


Affordable, safe housing, is a basic right for everyone in our rich country. Our focus is to create a mixed-income community that includes some affordable housing and a sustainable environment.  There are a variety of ways to include moderate and low-income women as part of our mixed-income community: 

* creating a nonprofit arm to OWILC that will solicit donations and apply for grants to help subsidize housing costs;

* finding investors, either residents or non-residents of the Community, who will purchase a unit and then rent it out at below market rent to moderate and low-income women;

* including some multi-family dwellings that allow for both owner occupancy and rentals;

* and if possible having some rooms to rent in the Community House for women who don't want or need their own individual units.

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Living Well Together

Ohio Womyns Intentional Living Communities believes that like-minded, inter-generational women can live together intentionally in a way that costs less than living scattered throughout the country and in ways that improve our overall health by removing the negative effects of isolation.  We want to live together as neighbors where everyone shares their skills to the benefit of the Community.

We look forward to living in a community where we can:

* share meals at least a couple times a week;       

* work cooperatively in groups and committees to create and maintain our Community;

* have space to be creative and share our creations with each other; 

*share tools, books, rides, music, games and more;

* share activities such as birding, walking, fishing, gardening, cards, dancing, games, sprituality, and discussions;

* sit around a fire pit; gather in the Community House or on a porch to share each others' company;

* and, occasionally host events that are open to our friends who live outside our Community.

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